With all your content organised and neatly filed away in Hublo, you can give your supporters a really easy way to share your content across their social media.

Whether it be a video of the latest sponsored walk, a cry for more donors, or news about an up and coming event, it’s all there in one place and ready for sharing.

And because you’ve created it, you can rest assured that it’s on brand, on topic and 100% approved. Your supporters know where to look for it, know it’s correct and can get on with supporting you! It’s making it easy for everyone.

Sunset Hospice
Sunset Peace Hospice

Sunset Peace Hospice is a fictional charity we are using to show how a real charity can use Hublo.

Charities typically rely on the good will from their volunteers and supporters to spread the word about their activities and the service they provide to the community.

Funding is always an issue for charities so it's important they get the very best for every penny. Hublo offers charities a discount on a cost effective service that all charities can afford.



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Have a look at our Sunset Peace Hospice customer

If you want to see a real-life example to see how it would work for you and your company, download, sign up and use HUB code "SUNSET"

Step 1

Install the app using your preferred platform by clicking on the appropriate button below.

Step 2

Open the app on your phone.

Enter the hub code "SUNSET".

Sign up by clicking on the link at the bottom of the login screen.

Step 3

Login to the hub using the following details:


Password: sunset

Follow these steps to view the content that charity supporters can access on their mobile phones for sharing on their social media channels.

Get started or ask for a demo

Here’s an example of how Sunset Peace Hospice uses Hublo

Sunset Peace Hospice wants to support volunteers and supporters. They have filled their Hublo app with charity-friendly content including:


  • Press releases on how donations are being used.


  • Announcements about fundraising events.


  • Sharing content about partner offers.


  • Charity promo videos for donation offers.

The ability to keep this content relevant, fresh, on brand and up to date by the charity, means that it’s super easy for supporters to share it on their social channels, any time, anywhere from their own Hublo app.

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