The Hublo App is designed to store and organise all your social media marketing content so it can be accessed by your dealers, agents, staff and affiliates.

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What is Hublo

The Hublo App is designed to store and organise all your social media marketing content so it can be accessed by your dealers, agents, staff and affiliates.

Good quality Social media is expensive and time consuming to produce, so make sure you're making the most of it by distributing it to the people that matter, once you've posted it on your organisations social media, make sure it's available to your prime influencers on their mobile phones in a convenient App.

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There are lots of ways you can use a HUBLO account, we have created industry hubs, which we call CHANNELS, to distribute content around particular industries like the beauty industry and bike shops.
Salon Hub

Salon Hub

The Salon industry is one of the most fragmented in the entire world with literally millions of employees working in hundreds of thousands of salons, This fragmentation means that their are a lot of Facebook and Instagram accounts all hungry for content but being small businesses they struggle with creating high quality engagement. Using our Salon HUB channel they can find articles and posts for their audiences effortlessly and keep their social media in the 'sweet spot'.

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Cycle Hub

Cycle Hub

The cycling industry has grown enormously over the last 10 years with literally hundreds of new manufacturers and a broad and extending range of accessories. Cycle HUB brings all of this information together for the Bike retail industry for free. Inside the Cycle HUB retailers will find information from all of their favourite manufacturers, including new models, social posts, data sheets and everything else they need to fill their social feeds, each time they get a new bike in stock they can immediately access all the manufacturers data conveniently in Hublo and post.

Book Hub

Book Hub

With publishers around the world launching thousands of new titles every year, book shop retailers can't be expected to create media for each of the titles that no doubt will find its way onto their shelves, The Book HUB will have a section for every publisher containing a multitude of titles form their current and future releases along with a reviews section and best seller lists all kept constantly up to date by the Book HUB team. It will be the go to social media resource for the publishing industry.

Or perhaps you create a lot of content for dealers or franchisees and want to make it and all of the back catalogue of content available like these examples below

Superchips have dealers all over the world for their car tuning software. They use Hublo to distribute all of the marketing assets which they create centrally, such as car videos, product data etc. Each dealer then shares from the Hublo App on their phone to their own social media.

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Doggy Paws

Doggy Paws our fictitious dog care franchise has hundreds of franchises all over the UK and uses Hublo to distribute its marketing material to those franchisees and as Hublo is on their Mobile it makes it easy to share to social channels...

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Health Shakes Inc

Health Shakes Inc are our fictitious direct selling business in the lucrative protein industry. They have 1000s of self employed home working agents and use Hublo to distribute pre approved marketing content to these thus making sure that they are on brand and not breaking any advertising rules.

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How does Hublo work

Content is added to the Hublo App using CampaignHUB, our own proprietary editor. The CampaignHUB editor is a NO CODE editor meaning that with only the basic amount of knowledge and training you or your team can start to build fantastic landing pages and web content.

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Some of our customers

Remap Kings
The Pundit League
Motorhome Kings

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s an App for storing and organising social media and marketing assets.

It's used by organisations to distribute content to their customers, dealers, advocates or supporters so that it can be shared by them across multiple social media platforms.

A smart phone or tablet. A desire to distribute recent, relevant and on-brand content.

Go to the Apple App store or Google Play store and follow the instructions.

No – just a product or service you want to promote.

Is it content that you have approved? Is it posted often and regularly? Is it always relevant? Is it a chore keeping track of who's doing what? Are all your dealers posting the same content?

If the answer is 'No' or 'I'm not sure' to any of the above, then your organisation needs a Hublo account.

Hublo prices start at £100.00 per month for Lite, the Pro plan is the most popular at £200.00 per month and the managed plan, Enterprise is £500 per month - see our pricing page for more details.

There is real-life, human support during office hours of 9.00 to 5:00pm with whom you can discuss your support requirements.

Hublo have a small army of talented designers that can help you make the most of your existing assets and train you how to use the editor package.

You can load as much content as you already own into its relevant category so that you know where it is and so that you can share whenever you feel the content is relevant. Your dealers / advocates / supporters should share often across all their platforms; you're making is easy for them to do that. Remember - you don't ever see an TV ad only once.

Social media customer interactions are fluid and fast moving; it's about consistency and timely continuity of communication that will ensure your original message is finally seen and heard. Companies spend £000's creating TV ads and £millions ensuring that they are repeatedly seen to get their message across. Social media is no different - if you have a good message, keep putting it out there.

Can you be sure that it's easy for the recipient to find your email again, 3 months later? what will they do...? Spend 30 minutes looking for it and then forward it... to how many people? Hublo means that they can find your content quickly and share it instantly.

No but basic skills on products like Canva might help you - you just need to carry on creating the content you already do.

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