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If you are a company that has a dealer network or have agents that stock and sell your product, then you want to make sure their customers know what’s new and what’s out there.

You probably also want to make sure that what they are advertising is on brand, on point and in line with your other dealers. And that they are bothering.

Hublo lets you do just that.

Distribute content about product releases, special offers and news that you have prepared and reviewed, so that they can share to their own social media channels. They know where to look for it, they know it’s correct and they know it’s approved. It’s making it easy for everyone.

Superchips Van

Superchips are a car tuning company that have dealers all over the world. Managing content was either non-existent, off brand, or out of date and it was impossible to manage.

Superchips created a Hublo account and filled it full of content. In no time, dealers were sharing exciting videos that Superchips HQ had prepared and approved. With many of the dealers relying on social media rather than their own website, Hublo gives them the content that they need to create more sales, it saves them time and kept the Superchips brand in the consumers eyeline.



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Have a look at our dealer network demo

If you want to see a real-life example to see how it would work for you and your company, download, sign up and use HUB code "SUPERCHIPS"

Step 1

Install the app using your preferred platform by clicking on the appropriate button below.

Step 2

Open the app on your phone.

Enter the hub code "SUPERCHIPS".

Sign up by clicking on the link at the bottom of the login screen.

Step 3

Login to the hub using the following details:


Password: superchips

Follow these steps to view the content that dealers can access on their mobile phones for sharing on their social media channels.

Get started or ask for a demo

Here’s an example using our fictitious franchise, Superchips...

Superchips wants to support current franchisees to take advantage of the growth in pet ownership during the Covid pandemic. They have filled their Hublo app with dealer-friendly content including:


  • News item


  • Product item


  • Promo item


  • Video item

The ability to keep this content relevant, fresh, on brand and up to date by the company, means that it’s super easy for dealers to share it on their social channels, any time, anywhere from their own Hublo app.

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