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If you own a retail company and have promised your installers ‘marketing material’ then you will know how irritating it is when they do it themselves and put out random, badly executed messages that could potentially damage your brand.

You probably work hard to ensure your brand is professionally, truthfully and correctly represented.

You might also have oodles of content showing stores’ success stories, news about new products or special promotions that you want them to pass on and use to generate more business.

Using Hublo you can do just that – content that you have created can be uploaded and then broadcast by your installers straight from the Hublo app.

No more unprofessional looking photos, spelling mistakes or mixed messages… just your content that’s on brand and easy to find.

They know where to look for it, know it’s correct and know it’s approved meaning they can get on with what they do best!

Go Energy
Go Energy

Goenergy is a fictional retail company we are using to show how a real company can use Hublo.

In todays' economy it's important that retail companies get the very best for every penny they spend. Hublo offers a cost effective service that companies can afford.



Blogs on Hublo

blog content

Installers on Hublo

installer content

Products on Hublo

product content

Have a look at our GOENERGY demo

If you want to see a real-life example to see how it would work for you and your company, download, sign up and use HUB code "GOENERGY"

Step 1

Install the app using your preferred platform by clicking on the appropriate button below.

Step 2

Open the app on your phone.

Enter the hub code "GOENERGY".

Sign up by clicking on the link at the bottom of the login screen.

Step 3

Login to the hub using the following details:


Password: goenergy

Follow these steps to view the content that dealers can access on their mobile phones for sharing on their social media channels.

Get started or ask for a demo

Here’s an example using our GOENERGY

Goenergy wants to support their installers with marketing materials. They have filled their Hublo app with installer-friendly content including:


  • Blog posts about energy useage


  • New products available to customers.


  • Time limited free installation of goenergy products.


  • Videos about products available from goenergy.

The ability to keep this content relevant, fresh, on brand and up to date by the company, means that it’s super easy for installers to share it on their social channels, any time, anywhere from their own Hublo app.

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